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If a tree falls in the woods...

At Sharethrough many demand-side platforms (or DSPs) bid into our exchange via RTB. In turn, our adserver logs events as they occur.

The fast-moving nature of this log data inevitably brings us to contemplate two topics that are often intertwined: real-time data and dashboards.

It’s straightforward...


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Getting the most out of ScalaCheck

We’ve been using ScalaCheck property checks at Sharethrough for about a year. For those not familiar, property checks test a condition multiple times, using freshly-generated data on each iteration. While a unit test exercises a very specific scenario, a property check’s ability to generate data broadens...


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The Free Monad and its Cost

This is the follow up post in to my explanation of Monads for Scala developers. Read part one here.

Code examples can be found here: https://github.com/robinske/monad-examples

I had heard a lot of things about the Free Monad and never really understood what it was, so did the research that led...


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Scala Days Recap

I have been writing Scala for a little over three years now and kept coming across this concept called the “Free Monad.” After a while, I decided to do the research to understand what a Free Monad is. This led me down the rabbit hole of functional programming in Scala, which some outspoken people...


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Our Values

Our team has a diverse set of backgrounds, experience and interests across several industries and our values bring us together. We know that culture is based on more than a ping pong table and catered lunch. These aren't just the things we wish we were; they’re the values we hold ourselves accountable to and that we're proud to embody every day.

Here's how our values apply to engineering at Sharethrough.


Demand and Share the Context of Your Work

We believe teams are most successful when everyone understands where we're headed and why, giving meaning to the work we do every day. During onboarding you'll meet and learn about team at Sharethrough and every day you'll participate in shaping your work by understanding our market and customers. We encourage close collaboration and communication across Sharethrough, so you know the stakeholders of the features you’re building.


Fail Fast and Learn by Doing

We work in two-week iterations and value decision over perfection. We test-drive to facilitate rapid, responsible progress while our Continuous Deployment pipeline pushes every green build to production. If we aren't shipping, we aren't learning and if we break something - that’s okay our automated deployment cycle means we're always rolling forward to success, and we conduct blameless post mortems so we know how to improve as a team without placing blame on individuals.


Think Big and Think Ahead

We embrace uncertainty, get excited when an answer isn't obvious and have confidence in our ability find solutions. Some of the most interesting and difficult problems don't always have obvious answers and hey, hard problems is why we're here. We love looking at our past decisions to see how far we’ve come, and reminding ourselves that the team can always tackle the next set of challenges.


Self-Awareness and Effective Communication

You'll have a front-row seat into everything Sharethrough at our regular company all-hands. We facilitate transparency in engineering through standups and retros and while we’ve grown to five distinct engineering teams across three cities (we're primarily in SF), we’re constantly communicating and working together to deliver features from product planning through delivery.

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