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Paying Down Cultural Debt

In her Calibrate talk “Paying Down Cultural Debt” Carbon Five’s Sonya Green explores the ways we confuse culture with culture’s byproducts. Rock walls, artisanal beer tastings, and dog-in-the-office policies may reflect aspect of culture, but they aren’t the thing itself. Culture, as Green explores, is the way workers talk to each other, treat each other, and make their most important decisions.


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Managing Unconscious Bias to Achieve Your Diversity Goals

As a manager, developing the team is now one of your responsibilities, and you’ve decided, based on the research, that you want that team to be diverse. From sourcing diverse candidates into your pipeline to facilitating an inclusive work environment for your minority reports, Megan Anctil, an Operations Engineer at Slack, provided some excellent recommendations at Calibrate for building a diverse team.


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Building and Maintaining Your Feedback Muscle

Sangeeta Narayanan runs an engineering team at Netflix where she’s worked for five years. She spoke at Calibrate 2015 about her experience getting and giving feedback, both good and bad. She took the approach that giving feedback is a muscle like any other that needs to be trained and maintained.


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Crunch Time - The Death of Creativity

Crunch time: with a deadline looming, we just have to power through until we’re done. Is this really the best way to run a project, and more importantly, are people inspired to do their best work?


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Our Values

Our team has a diverse set of backgrounds, experience and interests across several industries and our values bring us together. We know that culture is based on more than our ping pong and shuffleboard tables. These aren't just the things we wish we were; they’re the values we hold ourselves accountable to and that we're proud to embody every day. Here's how our values apply to engineering at Sharethrough.


Fail Fast and Learn by Doing

We roll in two-week iterations and value decision over perfection. Our days look like red, green, refactor, ship. We automate (our CI deploys each green build to acceptance) and test-drive everything to facilitate responsible, rapid progress and we know that if we aren't shipping, we aren't learning about what works.


Think Big and Think Ahead

We embrace uncertainty, get excited when an answer isn't obvious and have confidence in our ability find solutions. Some of the most interesting and difficult problems don't always have obvious answers and hey, hard problems is why we're here.


Self-Awareness and Effective Communication

You'll have a front-row seat into everything Sharethrough at our catered, weekly company all-hands. We facilitate transparency in engineering through standups and retros, which happen to be the only four meetings you'll be in all month.


Demand and Share the Context of Your Work

We believe teams are most successful when everyone understands where we're headed and why, giving meaning to the work we do every day. During onboarding you'll shadow each team at Sharethrough and every day you'll participate in shaping your work by understanding our market and customers. We do this by preferring close collaboration and communication across Sharethrough, over implementing detailed specifications captured in tracking tools.

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