Elasticity 3.0.2 Released

Early this morning we released the latest version of Elasticity, the gem we use to control our Amazon Elastic MapReduce flows. For new AWS accounts, Amazon began requiring EMR jobs run inside of VPCs, requiring a “VPC Subnet ID” be set. 3.0.2 fixes an issue with respect to launching jobs when setting...

VP of Engineering

What Do You Get When You Send an Engineer to Poland to Give His First Presentation?

There are two types of people: producers and consumers. Producers make things that consumers use. We as software developers are both - we build software using software. We also create and consume information: books, blog posts, and conference talks, to name a few.

I recently gave my first conference...

Software Engineer

Greater Test Control With RSpec’s Tag Filters

We test a lot at Sharethrough. One of our projects had significant complex behavior that required numerous integration tests. These tests were inherently slow, so our test suite’s running time kept creeping up. They had value and they also had drawbacks.

Since we didn’t need to run them all the time...

Software Engineer

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From Amazon, to Spotify, to thermostats, recommendation systems are everywhere. The ability to provide recommendations for your users is becoming a crucial feature for modern applications. In this talk I’ll show you how you can use Ruby to build recommendation systems for your users. You don’t need...

Data Scientist

Building Data-Driven Products in Ruby (RubyConf 2012)

Data scientist Ryan Weald walks through the building of data driven products at Sharethrough, from exploratory analysis to production systems, with an emphasis on the role Ruby plays in each phase of the data driven product cycle. Big data and data science have become hot topics in the developer...

Data Scientist

Simple Linear Regression Using Ruby

In the following post I am going to walk you through the basics of linear regression, and show you how you can perform simple linear regression using Ruby.

While Ruby is not commonly recognized as a tool for statistical analysis, there are times at Sharethrough when we need to perform basic statistical...

Data Scientist