Finagle @ Sharethrough: Twitter #Conf Presentation

On April 3rd, Sharethrough participated in #Conf, a Twitter-hosted conference focused around the real-world usage of their impressively vast library of open source contributions. The half-day event featured terrific talks by various members of the open source community including contributors to Mesos, Scalding and Parquet.

Engineer and avowed Australian Michael Jensen talked about our use of Finagle and how our tech stack has changed over the years.

With Lean Startup DNA, we apply this even to scaling our infrastructure. To prove out our initial business hypotheses we quickly released a Ruby/Sinatra/Postgres decisioning engine and once proven, migrated to Scala/Finagle/Redis. This prompted a larger shift in our engineering stack that we documented in a case study with the good folks of Typesafe.

As Michael mentions in his talk, we use a fair amount of the Twitter open source stack (Finagle, Ostrich, Algebird, Scalding, etc.). If you’re interested in working with any of these, we’re of course hiring :)