Say It Right

Giving feedback is easy. Giving constructive, actionable feedback is not. In this talk, Tasneem Minadakis, Head of Rider Growth at Uber, draws upon her 12+ years in the industry to teach you how to do just that, laying out a framework you can use to provide more valuable feedback.

This is the one of a ten-part series covering the sessions from Calibrate 2016, an engineering leadership conference held on September 30, 2016 in San Francisco.

Make it Receivable

We learn how to use the Situation-Behavior-Impact feedback model to provide objective feedback without making assumptions or judgments. This makes feedback more digestible and can help build trust within a team.

Make it Actionable

Feedback is only useful when the intent is clear. It can be difficult to understand feedback if there aren’t obvious next steps. We’re shown how we can categorize our feedback to ensure that it’s actionable.

Make it Balanced

Be generous with positive feedback. Providing consistent positive feedback builds trust, which is valuable when giving negative feedback.

Make it the Norm

Feedback should be ongoing - everyone wants to learn how they can be better. Tasneem provides examples from her experience of how regular feedback is beneficial for everyone on your team.