Welcome to Calibrate 2016

We are so pleased to share with everyone the talks from the 2016 Calibrate conference for engineering managers. Those who attended Calibrate this year had the benefit of asking questions, talking with each other, and chatting with speakers throughout the day. What we’re bringing to you now is the content from that day; something we’d like to share with all new engineering managers, everywhere.

This is the first of a nine-part series covering the sessions from Calibrate 2016, an engineering leadership conference held September, 2016 in San Francisco.

  1. The Impossible Job
  2. Developing Your Team
  3. Accelerating Impact
  4. What Should I Be Doing Right Now
  5. Say It Right
  6. The Leadership Machine
  7. What Do 1-on-1s Really Mean
  8. Embracing Inconsistency
  9. Increasing Your Happiness in Meetings

Calibrate began with the goal of bridging a gap in the tech career path from software developer to people manager (see 2015 conference content). In 2016, we approached veteran engineering leaders, asking them what they were passionate about: what would they share with the new manager version of themselves?

These are not just people who have successfully forged their own paths. These talented leaders are the managers of managers, the mentors, the people who have spent years helping others (just like you!) move past managing the code and into the orthogonal: managing lovely, inconsistent people. Here are their words, their wisdom, their messages to you. These nine videos represent the best of who we’ve found to help address those needs.

If a talk resonates with you, or with a manager you know, share it with them! If these talks are helpful to you, consider joining us at Calibrate 2017 in September by emailing calibrate@sharethrough.com and we’ll let you know when registration opens.