COPY Into Redshift With Ease, With Flare-up!

Redshift is Amazon’s “petabyte-scale data warehouse solution.” Under the hood it’s a custom, distributed version of Postgres 8.0 whose provisioning and configuration, like RDS, Amazon manages on your behalf. What’s terrific about Redshift are the price, speed and abstraction that SQL provides, on...

VP of Engineering

New Gem Released: Instagram-rss_generator

Ever wanted an RSS feed for an Instagram account? Well now you can with our latest gem. The gem works by generating the page using phantom.js, parsing the generated page using nokogiri, and then generating a valid RSS xml document using nokogiri.

Installation, usage, and source can be found on...

Staff Engineer

Gem Mining

Mining my first gem When we decided to open-source our Instagram RSS generator, I took on the task of creating a gem to distribute it. I had never created a gem before and saw a lot of conflicting information, so I thought it would be useful to catalog my journey.

Naming I knew I wanted the name...

Staff Engineer

New Gem Released: json-schema-rspec

We just released a gem which adds matchers to rspec for validating JSON strings against JSON schemas.

From the README:

JSON schemas are great for ensuring that changes in applications don’t break their integrations, without having to write complex integration tests or run many application environments...

Software Engineer