Machine Learning

To bid or not to bid ? Using Machine Learning to answer hard questions

Are you curious about the application of Machine Learning to an Ad Tech ecosystem? Do you want to learn about the application of Machine Learning to prioritize fanning-out requests to downstream partners? In this blog we describe our prototype for assessing the usefulness of an impression using Neural...

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Featured on SearchBusinessAnalytics - Spark Data Streaming Opens Faster Path...

Earlier this month we discussed our implementation of Spark Streaming with SearchBusinessAnalytics.

Sharethrough began using Databricks Inc.‘s cloud implementation of Spark in mid-2013; it currently runs 500 GB of Internet clickstream and ad-visibility data through the stream processing module daily...

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Featured on Databricks: Sharethrough Uses Spark Streaming...

The kind folks over at Databricks are featuring Sharethrough on their company blog, with an update we’ve provided on our use of Spark Streaming. If you’re interested in the sorts of real-time decisioning challenges we’re solving at scale and how we bring data to bear, have a look!

We found Spark...

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Spark Summit 2014 Recap

Sharethrough recently participated in Spark Summit 2014. Our own Russell Cardullo spoke on “Spark Streaming for Realtime Auctions.”

Russell offered advice on how we make composable and re-usable Spark code, not to mention some strategies we use for testing our Spark jobs.

We wanted to mention...

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MLConf 2013 Roundup

This past Friday 11/15, Sharethrough Engineering attended the 2013 MLConf here in San Francisco where Netflix, Twitter, Yelp and others presented on large-scale ML trends and challenges.

Read on for thoughts of the day by a few members of the team - Michael Jensen, Michael Ruggiero and Ryan Weald

VP of Engineering