Building a Service with Docker and ECS

At Sharethrough, we built a proxy server (codenamed ASAP) that all mobile SDKs speak to for ad server related information. The purpose of ASAP was to reduce our client side SDKs to minimal logic as well as allowing us to push changes and new features to ASAP without asking publishers to update their SDK.

Because ASAP will receive thousands of ad requests per second, we needed to build a scalable, high performance infrastructure that is easy to maintain.

Senior Software Engineer

I Am Secure, Therefore IAM

Sharethrough serves millions of ad requests daily, all on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). At one time, sharing AWS credentials via a shared password vault worked OK. But as we grew, we needed a better, more secure way to manage AWS logins.

We use Terraform to maintain infrastructure and prevent...

Software Engineer

Ops-ing with Packer and Terraform

Most of Sharethrough’s infrastructure runs on AWS. For a long time we’ve relied on chef and knife ec2 to maintain resources, but as we grew, we searched for tools that would continue to improve operation efficiency. Recently we started using two tools from Hashicorp, Packer and Terraform, that appear...

Software Engineer