So You Want To Build a Keyboard

My journey begins with me already owning two keyboards, one for work and one for home. I was by all means already pushing the boundaries of minimalism. But then I saw The WhiteFox and I knew I simply had to have it in my life. And the only way I could justify getting a third keyboard (and get the...

Senior Software Engineer

Suppressing SLF4J logs During Tests in SBT

It’s a best practice to bypass logging during unit tests. Since the tests will be run by a computer, the output is wasted I/O, and if you needed log output to understand why a test failed, that should be a sign that a new test needs to be written. Logging tests can even make debugging harder by hiding...

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Type classes for the Java Engineer

One of Scala’s strengths is its support for multiple programming paradigms. In practice, however, Scala reminds the developer how each paradigm evolved separately, and carried with it lexicons and perspectives for concepts that turn out to have a lot in common.

Type Classes were a concept I had difficulty...

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