Our Values

Our team has a diverse set of backgrounds, experience and interests across several industries with a shared set of values bringing us together. These aren't the things we wish we were; they’re the values we hold ourselves accountable to and that we're proud to embody every day.

You'll notice our values are worded as trade-offs. Doing well individually and as a group means being in alignment on the healthy, deliberate trade-offs we make as a team!


We Prefer Understanding over Execution

We believe teams are most successful when everyone understands where we're headed and why, giving meaning to the work we do every day. During engineering onboarding you'll work with every team to understand the lay of the land and how you'll make an impact. At Sharethrough University you'll dive deep across the company, understanding our market and customers and how we help this industry tick. Interested in how something works work or why it works that way, ask! "Curiosity" is a two-way street: we're all empowered to ask why and love answering!


We Prefer Rapid Learning over Perfection

Sharethrough was and is at the forefront of Native Advertising. We were the first native exchange and the first to offer publisher software to facilitate native at scale. We move rapidly and responsibly, with our Continuous Deployment pipeline pushing every green build to production. If we aren't shipping, we aren't learning. Sure there's a bump or two along the way and that’s okay! Our automated deployment cycle means we adjust and roll forward to success. We conduct blameless post mortems (e.g. five-whys, a form of root-cause analysis) so we know how to improve as a team and bank our learnings.


We Prefer Long-term Impact over Short-Term Efficiency

When you're rapidly learning and iterating on new products, it can be tempting to pause and prematurely optimize for a temporary state (we're engineers after all - we fix things that look broken or inefficient!). Engineers are on cross-functional teams with product managers and folks from around the organization at Sharethrough, so you'll have complete business context in understanding when and where to slow down so we can speed up.


Self-Awareness and Effective Communication Underpin All of Our Values

You'll have a front-row seat into everything Sharethrough at our regular company all-hands. We facilitate transparency in engineering through standups and retros and we’re constantly communicating and working together to deliver features from product planning through delivery. You'll meet with your team lead once a week for at least thirty minutes, no matter what. Curious about the company vision, mission, strategy any quarterly objectives? They're updated available to everyone at Sharethrough at okr.sharethrough.com.

Open Positions

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